Gaskets and Sealing Solutions for the Waterworks Industry

NSF Certified and Made in the USA

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All Specification Rubber Products are proudly manufactured in the USA under strict quality control procedures governed by ISO 9001:2015, ensuring they meet or exceed requirements for use.

AMERICAN Toruseal® Gaskets

  • Dual-bulb design provides positive sealing for ductile iron flanged piping.
  • Full-face design assures ready field assembly and precise placement.
  • Ideal for general purpose use, also rigorous use such as long-span installations.
  • Available in sizes from 2” – 64” and rated for up to 350 psi water working pressure.

Barracuda® Restrained Joint (RJ) Gaskets

  • Restrain ductile iron pipe, valves, and fittings utilizing a TYTON® Joint.
  • Available in sizes ranging from 4” to 16” and can be deflected up to 5° when properly installed.
  • Molded in SAFETY ORANGE for visual confirmation that a restrained joint gasket is installed.
  • Suitable for water, wastewater, and other related applications.

Die Cut Meter Gaskets

  • Drop-in version utilizes our patented tab for easy placement in tight spaces.
  • Available in thicknesses of 1/4” and 1/2” to address gaps.
  • MeterSeal Gaskets contain a molded bulb on the I.D. to provide a positive seal.
  • MeterSeal rated up to 200 psi.

NSF-61 Flat and Ring Gaskets

  • 1/8” thickness (see Filler Flange gaskets for additional options).
  • Designed for use with standard flange bolts.
  • Holes can be cut to match any bolt configuration.
  • A superior option to non-certified Red Rubber components.

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