Happy Easter from Specification Rubber Products

Spring is in full bloom. Trees are unfurling new leaves, bees are buzzing about, the smell of
freshly cut grass hits your nostrils as the sound of lawnmowers fills the neighborhood, kids are
practically begging to wash the car so they can play in the water, the birds are up before you are
and pastel colors are filling the stores.

Easter may be the most popular of the spring holidays. Churches will have more of their seats
filled. Baskets will be full of colorful eggs and chocolate bunnies. Little girls will be comparing
beautiful Easter dresses and white sandals, while little boys will be getting fussed at for the
grass stains on their khakis before the family picture could be taken. The infamous Easter egg
hunt will be the highlight of the day.

No matter what season you love the most, and regardless of which holidays you celebrate in
spring, we hope you enjoy not just a renewing of nature, but a renewing in your spirit, your
family, and your workplace. May you be filled with hope and a desire to resurrect old dreams
and rekindle an excitement and passion for and in your family. Put the burdens of life down for a
minute and just be. Take the breath of spring in and relax. Life is beautiful.

All of us at Specification Rubber Products wish you a Happy Easter and a fulfilling plunge into

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