Happy Labor Day from Spec Rubber

We want to thank all the men and women who work to sustain and improve our nation. Each of us may seem like a tiny drop in a vast ocean, but when all of those drops work together, we create a mighty force. No matter how insignificant your job may feel, it does play a role in moving this force of a nation. We appreciate all you do. Not one person who does honest work in this nation does it in vain.


We want to say a special thanks to all of our family here at Specification Rubber Products. Your dedication and hard work do not go unnoticed and we wouldn’t have been here for over 50 years without you. We have built a company committed to securing safer drinking water for our people and a better way to preserve our country’s precious water. That is something to be proud of.


Enjoy this long weekend. Spend some time with your loved ones, rest from your work, and eat some good food! Remember that you are a part of something bigger and take pride in your contribution. And when given the chance, thank the hardest working men and women you know. It will make their day.


Spec Rubber will be closed on September 2nd in observance of Labor Day.


Thank you and have a blessed, safe, and relaxing Labor Day weekend everyone!

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