Flange Accessory Kits

Spec Rubber offers Flange Accessory kits specifically designed for use with Ductile Iron Pipe applications. Our kits come with a gasket, an essential component that acts as an air and water-tight seal between two pipe ends. When secured with nuts and bolts, the gasket is compressed to seal any air gaps, ensuring a reliable connection. Our gaskets are also designed to prevent any contamination of fluids within the piping system. Standard kits for nominal pipe sizes 2″-12″ include a 1/8″ thick NSF-61 EPDM Flange Gasket or SBR Toruseal Flange Gasket. We also offer customizable kits to meet your specific needs, including options for gasket materials, hardware materials, and import or domestic applications.


  • Available in sizes 2″ -64″
  • Gaskets: Standard Accessory Kits include 1/8″ thick Full-Face NSF-61 EPDM Filler Flange or SBR Toruseal flange gaskets.
  • Hardware: Available in Import & Domestic 304SS, 316SS, Zinc, and Galvanized Coatings for ANSI B15.1 Class 125 and Class 250 Flanges.
  • 2″ -12″ Accessory kits include a label, pizza box, and zip-lock bag.
  • Full-face and Ring styles are available in 1⁄8″ thick standard sizes. Full Face gaskets have holes to accommodate 125 or 250 lb. faced and drilled flanges.
  • Other thicknesses and materials are available upon request.

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