Spec Rubber’s 55th: Fun, Fellowship, Inspiration!

Pictured Above: Guest Speaker Noah Galloway

On October 30th, Spec Rubber proudly celebrated its 55th anniversary with a luncheon that acknowledged their hard-working current teammates and cherished retirees who contributed significantly to their longstanding success. Recognizing their courage and determination that parallels the company’s spirit, Spec Rubber had U.S. Army Veteran, Amputee, and finalist on Dancing With The Stars, Noah Galloway, grace the occasion as their special guest speaker. In a profoundly inspiring conversation, Noah candidly spoke about his journey of triumph over adversity, symbolizing resilience and living life with no excuses.

Pictured Above: Engineering Manager Scott Reaves and Retiree Tony Fischer

The event served as a perfect platform for Crystal Humphreys, Spec Rubber’s Sales and Marketing Coordinator, to elaborate on the company’s key milestones and initiatives. She touched on the significance of this anniversary for Spec Rubber, reflecting on our successes and shedding light on an important product milestone – the 9th anniversary of our Barracuda Gasket. Humphreys also highlighted the importance of the Imagine a Day Without Water initiative and our continuous support for Breast Cancer Awareness by undertaking fundraising initiatives all month, including collecting donations for the Shelby Cancer Care Center, ranging from gift cards to blankets.

Other contributions came from Alabaster City Administrator Brian Binzer, who shed light on Spec Rubber’s dedication to the local community and its profound impact on various outreach organizations. One of the day’s special segments was a Q&A session with a panel of our esteemed retirees: Mr. Jim Carden, Mr. Tony Fischer, and Mrs. Ora Doss, who graciously offered their insights and wisdom to the younger generation. All three emphasized the importance of teamwork and dedication and collectively asserted that Spec Rubber is more than just a workplace; it’s a family.

It was an immense privilege to have the opportunity to hold this event right here at our plant, commemorating the place where the company had its humble beginnings so many years ago. Further enriching the day, we were excited to offer plant tours for retired teammates and esteemed guests, providing them with a firsthand look into the current operation of Spec Rubber. This day was more than a simple anniversary celebration; it was a poignant reflection of our company’s legacy, an illustration of unity, a tribute to family, and a joyous anticipation of our bright future.



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