Specification Rubber Products: Celebrating 55 Years of Manufacturing Excellence

As the world around us evolves, a few things remain constant, such as the unwavering commitment to excellence that drives Specification Rubber Products (Spec Rubber) even as we celebrate our 55th anniversary. Founded in 1967 by E.W. “Bud” Quiggle, we officially opened our doors in March 1968.

It’s been over a half-century since our humble beginnings in Alabaster, Alabama. Today, after numerous moves, product launches, and employee comings and goings, Spec Rubber is branching out into a new future while remaining firmly grounded in our small-town-America roots.

Here, we’ll touch on our journey and where we’re heading for the next 55 years (and beyond).

Leading the Way in Quality Manufacturing

Over the years, Spec Rubber has made impressive strides and seen tremendous growth. Since opening our doors, we have nearly tripled our plant’s footprint and now enjoy 85,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Throughout our history, Spec Rubber has been committed to excellence. In 1994, the company received ISO Quality certification and was one of the first rubber processing facilities in the US to earn this certification. Our quality system evolves and improves annually, helping produce industry-leading, world-class quality components.

One of Spec Rubber’s critical strengths lies in its rubber processing expertise. While the term “rubber processing” is quite broad, at Spec Rubber, we narrow it down to a couple of specific areas, primarily molding and extruding. Molding and extruding require three essential elements – heat, pressure, and time – which are all carefully controlled at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Global Reach, USA-Made Quality

Since 1968, the company has had four presidents, with Mr. Steven A. Smith currently presiding. All our leaders have been instrumental in our continued growth and success. However, despite all the advancements, one of Spec Rubber’s primary strategies has been to continue diversifying its product offerings and finding innovative ways to better serve our customers.

Our team produces 400 products all across the spectrum of industries we serve. As President Steven A. Smith likes to say, “We’ve made rubber seals for ammo canisters, above-ground storage tanks and a variety of doors, including submarine doors.” These products can be found all across the world, all made with pride right here in the U.S.A.

Today, Spec Rubber’s products can be found in service on five continents and more than 20 different countries, proving that its quality and reliability have a global reach. The company is proud to produce products that are 100% made in the USA.

Prioritizing Teammate Safety

Most importantly, we prioritize the safety of our teammates above all else. Our safety motto is simple but effective: “We want every teammate to go home in as good if not better condition than when they arrived.” With this mindset in place, we continue to innovate and expand, embracing new technologies and equipment to keep our shop floor the safest it can be while pushing forward in the field of rubber processing.

Driving Success and Community Impact

Spec Rubber is a constant innovator because innovation drives success, and success provides jobs and livelihood for our employees, families, and communities.

In 2023, we were proud to receive the Shelby County Small Business of the Year Award, given to companies that deliver gainful employment and anchor economic growth to the county. Spec Rubber has also been named a Best Place to Work in the North American Rubber Industry by Rubber News and is perennially ranked as one of Alabama’s safest places to work.

The awards are nice, but the difference we’ve been able to make in the lives of our neighbors is far greater. Spec Rubber stays actively involved in Shelby County communities, giving back as much as possible. We’ve been proud supporters of the Shelby Cancer Center, Safe House of Shelby County, Shelby Emergency Assistance, Alabaster City Schools, and more worthy organizations—those who have incredibly difficult missions and need all the help they can get.

We’re nothing without our values. They have gotten us to where we are today, and they’ll take us well into the future.

Diversifying Products for Future Success

Looking to the future, Spec Rubber has a clear strategy: continue diversifying product offerings. With an eye on innovation and an unwavering commitment to quality, there’s no doubt that Spec Rubber will continue to thrive for another 55 years and beyond.

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