What feelings arise when you think about Christmas?

Christmas means different things to different people. For many, it means time off to spend with
family and friends. For most children, it means presents under the tree and an abundance of
sweets. For some, it is a celebration of the birth of their Savior. For others, it is a melancholy time
where loved ones who have passed on are sorely missed. The Christmas season can hold a
mixture of meanings and evoke a variety of feelings for us all.

The Specification Rubber Products family would like to wish you a warm and peaceful holiday

May your table be surrounded with love and good conversation. May laughter echo as memories
are being recalled and new ones made. May the gap between generations be bridged as the
differences melt away for one special day. May traditions be passed on. May reconciliation
replace old grudges. May the food be the best you’ve ever tasted. And if you can, steal away for a
moment, while soaking in the sounds behind you, to look out the window into the beauty of the
cold evening displayed quietly in front of you, and let your heart be thankful for all you have been

Merry Christmas from Specification Rubber Products.

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