Happy Father’s Day from Specification Rubber Products

There are many words we can use to describe Fathers. Strong. Wise. Humble. Gentle. Harsh.

Quiet. Loud. Whether he influenced you with his love for sports, art, the outdoors or books, he

left some type of unforgettable mark on your life. Many people have mixed feelings about their

dads. That’s ok. Our fathers were all boys once and had to learn, adjust, and grow just like the

rest of us. They had a father they learned from – or maybe they didn’t. Whatever their

background, they did the best they could just as we have done.


All fathers out there know what it’s like to carry the title “head of the household.” It is a precious

gift, a heavy responsibility, and a difficult task. Today we want to say thank you.


Thank you for being committed to providing for us. Thank you for making tough decisions that

only you could make. Thank you for doing whatever it took to provide things you wanted us to

have. Thank you for the family vacations and time spent teaching us how to do things around

the house. Thank you for cheering the loudest at our games. Thank you for putting the fear of

God in us to keep us from making bad choices. Thank you for meaningful talks and loving us

with all your heart.


If you know your dad did his best and you appreciate his efforts, tell him today how much he

means to you, that you respect how he gave his all, and that you love him. Fathers don’t have

an easy role. Let’s do our best to honor them as they have done their best to honor the role they

were given when you were born.


Happy Father’s Day.


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