Supply Chain Shortages Are Affecting Gaskets And Water Systems


By: Matt Haan

Supply chain shortages and import delays are affecting all sectors of the economy. Our water system customers have told us that gaskets have been hit particularly hard because so many are imported. This has led to delays on otherwise shovel-ready projects. 

Gaskets manufactured in the United States face fewer hurdles, but some manufacturers have struggled to stock enough raw materials to meet demand. Spec Rubber has managed our access to raw materials for over 50 years, and we’ve worked around the clock to maintain a warehouse with a significant amount of inventory. If you’re having trouble getting the gaskets you need for your project, call me at (800) 633-3415 or email me at

Supply chain problems have brought more attention than ever to “Made in the USA” gaskets, but those aren’t the only reasons it’s wise to examine which gaskets your water system writes into project specifications. 


Made In The USA: Required For Federal Funding

Many water systems have prioritized products “Made in the USA” because they qualify for funding through federal programs like the recent infrastructure bill. Non-compliant foreign gaskets look appealing because the sticker price is often lower, but savings evaporate if it jeopardizes funding sources for infrastructure projects. 


Made in the USA: Verified NSF-61 Certification

The NSF-61 designation is essential for anything that comes in contact with drinking water, including gaskets. However, international manufacturing facilities are not inspected like domestic facilities, leading to compromises in manufacturing processes, materials used, and overall quality. This has led to several manufacturers talking about how their products relate to NSF-61 standards without actually complying. This is not acceptable for potable water. 

We are proud that all our products are 100% Made in the USA and NSF-61 certified.  


Gaskets: Ready to Ship

Spec Rubber has manufactured gaskets in Alabaster, AL for more than 50 years. We are proud that our position in the industry has allowed us to step into the gap to supply customers who’ve been left high and dry without access to imported gaskets they’d used in the past. We currently have very small to no lead time depending on the product. Give me a call at (800) 633-3415 or email me at to find out more. 

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