Welcome to the Specification Rubber Products Family


Specification Rubber Products welcomes our newest family member, Jeff Picklesimer. Jeff’s
strong background in coaching, teaching, developing programs, and training has prepared him
to join our team as our Training and Development Specialist. Jeff will be responsible for
developing and administering our company training strategy and overseeing its

At Specification Rubber Products, we follow a thorough hiring process. We understand our
company can only perform at its best when we have the best fit in each position. We strive for
our employee family to feel confident and comfortable in their roles. As we seek to recruit and
hire the right fit, we focus on more than just their performance. We care about the person.
Join us in welcoming Jeff and learning a little more about him.

Jeff Picklesimer has been married to his wife Suzanne for 38 years. They have 2 grown
children. Their daughter, Megan is 29 years old and is married to her husband, Bart. They gave
Jeff and Suzanne their first granddaughter, Bennett who is a whopping 3 years old. Jeff and
Suzanne’s son, Hunter is a young Civil Engineer at the age of 25 in Charleston, South Carolina.
Jeff loves to hunt, fish, golf, and root for Alabama Football. He has a passion for coaching and
teaching and even coached his children through youth sports. Jeff is a Deacon at Liberty Baptist
Church in Chelsea, Alabama and serves as Communications Leader for their Sunday School
classes. Jeff also oversees the ushers for the early service.

We look forward to Jeff utilizing his proven leadership skills to help Specification Rubber
Products grow by creating a positive environment for learning, providing new training and
structure, and refining and improving our processes. Welcome to the team, Jeff!

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