Making a Difference with Filler Flange Gaskets

We’d like to share a little feedback we received from a customer recently. 

Zach Barrett, an Inside Sales Representative with Prosouth Fastener, has been one of our clients for more than 15 years. Zach said, “Throughout these 15 years, we have always had exceptional service and products from Specification Rubber. Their NSF-61 gaskets have always arrived with outstanding workmanship and quality, and we have never had any issues with these gaskets – nor do we expect to.”

We appreciate the kind words! We put a lot of thought into customer service and workmanship, and it means so much to know that it is making a difference. 

We talked to another client about some of the quantifiable ways our gaskets make a difference on job sites. We wanted to know if projects run smoother, processes are simplified, and water is delivered safely to customers. This customer couldn’t go on the record, but they did give us permission to share a few quotes.


filler-flangeWork Crew Efficiency

“We recently started using the filler flange. It used to seem like we had to go to the machine shop every damn time we replaced a valve because the new ones have a shorter lay length than the old one. Now, we keep filler flanges on the truck, and we are filling that hole in no time. No trip to the machine shop. No invoice for $1,000 or more. No work crew sitting on their rear ends waiting on a part to come back. Filler flange is the best thing since sliced bread.”


What I Need When I Need It

“I hate getting put on hold and having to leave a message. When I call Spec Rubber, Paige answers the phone, knows what I need, and it’s usually in stock. They can get it to me fast since they are right down the road in Alabama.”


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Water Safety

“I’ve seen so many of these gaskets coming in from overseas. You can tell the quality isn’t the same, and I’m scared to think what could happen in those pipes 10-15 years down the line. There is no way we are going to be the next Flint, and I feel really good knowing that Spec Rubber makes everything in the USA and that it’s inspected and verified NSF-61 certified. I’ve done my part to keep this place safe.”



That’s what we love to hear. We love providing outstanding products and support for our clients because it helps them take care of their clients. It’s like Barrett at Prosouth Fastener said, “Our customers have also had the same track record with these gaskets as we have. Some of them actually ask to have these gaskets every time because they know that the products supplied always exceed their expectations and standards required.”

If you have had a similar experience with Specification Rubber, we would love to know! Your feedback encourages us as we support your business, and it helps us understand where we can learn and improve. To leave a review or learn more about our products, contact us or give us a call at 800.633.3415!


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