Replacing Valves Using A Filler Flange

Replacing valves can be a relatively simple task, but more often than not, there are complications. One of the most common complications is a difference in the lay length between the new valve and the old valve. Valves used to require thicker metal compared to what is now possible based on advances in manufacturing and technology. A difference in lay length used to be a headache, requiring a shop trip to get custom pieces machined. This frequently led to downtime for work crews and equipment, as well as project delays. 

But not anymore. The filler flange provides an instant option to fill gaps up to 3” on-site. And it is NSF-61 certified and 100% Made in the USA.


Replacing Valves With A Filler Flange


Step 1: Measure The Gap

Measure the gap that you need to fill and the size of the pipe. The filler flange can fill gaps up to 3”. 

We stock 5 of the most common diameters, with more custom orders up to 120” in diameter. 

  • 4”
  • 6”
  • 8”
  • 10”
  • 12”


filler flange thicknesses

Step 2: Select Filler Flanges to Fill The Gap

The filler flange comes in four thicknesses.

  • 1/16”
  • 1/8″
  • 1/4″
  • 1/2″

You can mix and match, stacking up to 3 flanges to fill up to a 1.5” gap using three ½” flanges on one side of the valve. When you fill a 1.5” gap on both sides of the valve, you can close a gap up to 3”. 



filler flange filling gap

Step 3: Connect The Valve

Insert the flanges and connect the valve, and you are done.

Seriously! That is it! This simple product increases efficiency and saves money from day one.




Save Time and Money

Imagine having the job completed in less time than it would have taken to drive to the machine shop. In addition to saving time, the filler flange eliminates project risks inherent with custom-made parts. 

  • What if the shop doesn’t have the right materials?
  • What if measurements are off?
  • What if the piece is manufactured incorrectly?
  • What if your crew gets back to the job site too late in the day to finish the job?

Those risks are eliminated when your crews have the filler flange on the truck and ready to use. 

Request a Filler Flange sample today to see how this NSF-61 product can increase efficiency and make you the hero of the operation. 


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